Cheesy Mcdreamy Box

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The weather may be coming in hot but our Summer Theme is all about ‘cool’! Bring to you, the next theme of our Fandom Box, India’s very first ‘BROOKLYN NINE-NINE' inspired Merch Box-


Be it Gina’s Hive or the 99th Precinct, Hitchcock & Scully’s Nap Room or Amy’s Binder- no place is too far for a visit!

Get your budget-friendly fandom box that screams your favorite series! At just Rs 2099, you gain access to the merchandise of your dreams. Get EXCLUSIVE and never seen before collectibles, accessories, printables and apparel items based on your favourite characters and scenes delivered straight to your door every month. Subscribe today!

What do I get in my CHEESY MCDREAMY Box?

  • 6-7 exclusive goodies worth RS 3200 or more!
  • Items range from décor, stationery, homeware, printables, accessories.
  • Edibles would be included once in a while

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11 reviews for Cheesy Mcdreamy Box

  1. Dipanwita Dutta Biswas

    Thank God I came across this page on Instagram and checked out their products. I loved the cheesy mcdreamy box. I do not kid when I say its worth it!!!

  2. Celina

    The products in this box are soooo good

  3. Deep kundalia

    So i love the show friends and many other shows but my favourite is friends and they are providing valuable and loving items from the show friends amazing work thank you

  4. RIYA

    love this one so much??

  5. RIYA


  6. Heeya

    The box really has amazing stuff to check out and if you are really a friends fan you should definitely have look at it because I absolutely loved it!!

  7. Akshita Agarwal


  8. Akshita Agarwal

    In love with it?

  9. Akshita Agarwal

    The products are incredible ?

  10. Piya Makhija


  11. Navya Yadav

    Too innovative

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