Children of the damned ‘Vampire Diaries’ inspired Box


This box is inspired by our favourite show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and will surely make you glad that you met us and say out loud, “I’m not sorry that I met you.” Delena fans, where are you at?

This big box of  TVD merch is a journey from start to end with cries and laughter and makes you say to people, “I was feeling Epic” when I received the box! This box will contain some epic goodies and will surely warm your heart! From an epic, Bonnie-inspired t-shirt to an “I am a Vampire” mug- this box says it in true Damon style- “I’m feeling epic!”

P.S. True TVDians, do you recognize the name of the theme? Hint: it’s the name of one of the iconic episodes!


Please note:

The T-shirt sizes available are S, M, L, XL. Please make sure to mention your desired size in the ‘Additional Information’ box during Checkout.


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