Chronicles of Middle-Earth ‘LOTR’ Fandom Box

If you are looking to unleash your inner geek and show your true love for ‘LOTR’ world, The ‘Chronicles of Middle-Earth’ merchandise Box is an excellent choice for you! You will get goodies worth RS 6000 or more, at JUST HALF THE PRICE of Rs 2899! 

As Gandalf rightly says, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Check below for the contents of the merch box!

So Hurry and get your LOTR Merchandise Box before someone else snatches it!

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This Box ships in NOVEMBER END

Welcome to the Middle-Earth! Our fellow Tolkienites, this one is for you! This Fandom box is inspired by one of the biggest fantasy series we have read and watched, Lord of the rings! 

BOOK NOW to get a full-length movie screenplay that is an exact replica of the copy that was during the production of making the movie, “Fellowship of the Ring”. The front cover features autographs of the Cast reproduced from the originals. It is worth Rs 3000 but you will practically get it for FREE!!!
It includes detailed insider information about such things as the characters, scene arrangements, dialogue, and what the production team did in order to create each scene for this great movie.

Apart from this, you will find 7-9 exclusive and unique worth RS 6000 or more!

With just Rs 2899, you gain access to the merchandise of your dreams! Get EXCLUSIVE and never seen before collectables, accessories, printables, and apparel items based on your favourite characters and scenes delivered straight to your door every bi-month. Subscribe today!

What do I get in my FANDOM BOX?

  • 7-9 exclusive goodies worth RS 6000 or more at HALF THE PRICE at just Rs 2899! 
  • Items range from décor, stationery, homeware, printables, accessories, apparel and collectables!
  • Edibles would be included once in a while!
  • An immersive experience of what life in Middle-Earth looks like!